nam was formed by players who knew each other from other games, such as Ultima Online, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory and various Quake games. The guild was formed on Stormscale the day the first European servers for World of Warcraft went live in 2005, and we’ve been there ever since.

In the early days we were among the top guilds on Stormscale, competing for server first kills in raid instances against guilds such as Curse. Over the years many have joined and left, but as a guild we have always managed to keep the core officers and members in the community.

In Classic, nam started its journey on Firemaw with a handful of people that played together in Vanilla. That handful has now become several active members spread across the entire world, with a shared expectation of what we want to achieve in Classic:

  • Positive experience from all the aspects of what the game has to offer.
  • Progress and completion of all end game content while enjoying it.
  • No drama. We believe in transparency to avoid it.

We’re a mixed bunch of people age- and nationality-wise. Mostly Scandinavians and Brits, but there are also members from a vast number of other countries. Apart from raiding we socialise on Discord while running 5-mans, leveling alts, grinding consumables, and even some PvP from time to time. Although there isn’t a dedicated PvP group in nam, there certainly could be. Even though our main focus is PvE, several members do attempt to rank. If not on their mains, then certainly on their alts.

Our raids are on Thursdays and Sundays at 20:00 – 22:00 (server time).

Loot in the main raids is distributed via a competent and unbiased loot council based on attendance, raid performance, and overall contribution to the betterment of the guild.