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Kel’Thuzad Down

The final boss of Naxxramas has been downed by nam!

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

nam gets a Green Dragon

After an evening in BWL, nam went to Duskwood to help out with the demon kill. This is part of the Silithus Scepter chain. After the kill nam stopped raiding for the evening.

It would have been convenient having the dragon spawn as we were there with a full raid, but only after half of our war party were offline did our summoner return back to find a big green dragon walking around. Ysondre was up and we had to get as many as possible back to Duskwood. After sounding the alarm and rustling up what remained online nam engaged the dragon and got the kill with 25 members.

Healyas got the starting piece of his shadow gear, Jade Inlaid Vestments.

Two Legendary Weapons in one week

Vandark and Rhak picked up their legend……wait for it….dary weapons this week after lucky drops.

Rhak defeating the mighty Thunderaan
Rhak defeating the mighty Thunderaan
Vandark showing off on the bank roof
Vandark showing off on the bank roof